If you can’t beat em, join em..

It’s been nearly a week since we were in Benidorm celebrating Sarah’s birthday, and the time has flown by. We’re now settling in to a slower pace of life at Camper Park LaRibera, which will be our home until the 20th November.

It’s just starting to get busy here with the snow birds making their way down to Spain for their dose of winter sunshine. At the minute, we’re one of only a handful of Brits on site, but everyone is really friendly and also intruiged as to how we’ve retired so early! ‘It’s a test to see if we like it’ is usually our initial response before explaining the real situation.

As you can see from the pic above we have hired a car. The beautiful Mar Menor is only a 15 minute walk away, but the golf courses are just that bit further from us. After years of her dad playing, and now me, she has given in and decided to get involved. Lessons are booked for next week! Thanks to my aunt and uncle who live just up the road from here, Sarah even has a set of clubs to practice with. It’s been lovely to catch up with Sue and Tony again and I’m sure we’ll get to see them a bit over this next month.

In addition to the daily trips to the driving range, the car will also allow us to explore a little further afield than our bikes would allow, with places such as Cartegena and Alicante on our hitlist.

There seems to be so much going on around here. Last weekend we watched the ‘Marmenor games’ which was taking place along the front in the next town, Lo Pagan. We saw everything from Judo, racquet ball, dancing, bmx riding and then a triathlon taking place! Even the Spanish version of the Red arrows showed up.

This next weekend is the start of Oktoberfest in San Javier. Its also a Bank Holiday here on Friday and there’s a full listing of events that are taking place. Lots of eating, drinking and dancing from what we can see, so I think we’ll have to get involved, after all, it’d be rude not to!

We can see why so many folk head here in winter. It’s just so cheap to live. Our own site works out at €59.50 for the week, for both of us. That covers our pitch, use of the facilities (toilets, showers, washing area) Internet and electricity!! And with the local Aldi and Lidl (which face each other) a 5 minute walk around the corner, we shouldn’t starve either.

We decided before we arrived here that we’d set some rules for us to live by once we parked up. Probably more for my benefit than Sarah’s, but also things that should help us adjust to ‘reality’ back home;

Alarm set for 7.30am everyday (6.30am back home)

Fitness 4 times a week

No drinking in the week

At least 5 fruit & veg a day

Read every day

Just a few of our Spanish commandments…

So far, we’re doing a grand job. It’s easy to fall in to lazy habits on a trip like this so we’re trying to keep ourselves, fit, healthy, active, switched on and for the majority of the time sober! It’s only work and crappy weather that scupper these things usually, so we don’t have those excuses for the foreseeable.

We’ll have an update on Sarah’s golfing progess next week. With so much time to practice, she’ll be like Seve in no time. Xx

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