Birthday girl..

Poor ol Gerty has continued to plough through some serious miles this last few days, with us travelling for 3 or so hours each day. The Spanish roads are still great to drive on, and although the minor roads can take you through small towns, the scenery makes up for any inconvenience.

We’re starting to hit places we visited at the start of the trip which feels strange, but kind of nice too as we know where to go. Having wild camped (freebies!) since we got back in to Spain, the money saved on lodgings has been put towards our increased fuel bills.

We’ve had two nights parked up only a 100 metres away from the beach which has been such a great feeling. The sounds of the waves beats any alarm clock. We surprisingly managed a bit of body boarding in Castellon as the waves seemed to be on a constant rolling loop. I didn’t realise that the Med had any surf beaches! Alas, no surf hire shops so my surfing career will have to continue another day.

Whilst at the site in Castellon, we met a lovely couple from Perth, Australia, who are travelling around Europe in a van they bought from Hull. Their stories of multiple pick up truck journeys, a tyre blow out on a 4 lane highway and an engine fire in Romania made our story about a hole in our exhaust look a bit wet really! Hopefully they’ll make it through Portugal, France and back to the UK without anymore dramas before they fly back home. Safe and enjoyable travels guys, lovely to meet you.

As its Sarah’s birthday today, we decided to head to the party capital of the Costa Blanca, the mighty Benidorm! Its another return visit as we were here in March. As we said back then, as long as you come to Benidorm with the right expectations you’ll have a great time. Where else in the world can you go out and see Adele, Rod Stewart and Ed Sheeran in the same night?! 😁

The campsite we’re on (same one we came to last visit) is full of pensioners who look like they’ve been here for some time, and why not. Benidorm has almost guaranteed sunshine and you can get a fry up for €1, both things too good to be true.

After a strong cuppa in the morning following tonights birthday drinks we’ll be making our way down to our home for the next 6/7 weeks in San Javier, Murcia. Its going to be strange to park up for that length of time but we’re both really looking forward to it.

All that’s left to say is Happy Birthday to my beautiful girlfriend, co-pilot, travel guide, boot camp manager, Sarah. What a year we’ve had darling.

Memories that will last a lifetime.



  1. Happy birthday Sarah 🙂
    I hear they have shut the Tika bar down on the front at Benidorm, central point for Stags and Hens and us golfers 😦


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