Back to the beginning..

After procrastinating for long enough, we’ve made some firm decisions on what the end of our trip should look like. Having already decided to leave southern Italy for another time, we’ve also changed our mind on visiting Croatia too. A combination of time, weather and growing a little jaded of our nomadic lifestyle has pointed us back towards the sunny shores of Spain. Its where our trip started so it feels quite fitting that it’ll be the place that our trip finishes too. Our return ferry is now booked from Santander at the end of November which is only 8 weeks away.

The scars from our initial 28 hour crossing through the Bay of Biscay have faded just enough for us to sign up for it all over again. Between now and then we plan to live it up expat stylee on the Costa Calida. We’ve had such an amazing trip travelling through Europe, visiting some amazing places and thoroughly enjoying ourselves along the way. A true once in a lifetime trip. However, we are both now ready to turn off the engine for a while and enjoy some winter sun whilst enjoying the last bit of time off we have before returning back to reality. With fitness, good food, plenty of golf and lots of reading on the cards, we should be in tip top form ready to overinduldge at Chrimbo.

Over the last few days we’ve really stuck our foot down covering the best part of 900km. Now we’ve made our minds up on what happens next, we’re looking to get back to the quiet roads and cheap fuel of Espania ASAP. Coming out of Italy along the toll roads, we quickly arrived back in France. Our third time this trip! Travelling through the Cote d’azur we could see the glimmer of the super yachts in Monaco, Cannes, and St Tropez. Places for the rich and famous, not a Lestah lass and a Yorkshire pudding.

The south of France is a beautiful place and it’s a bit of a shame that we’re only passing through this time around. Still, we can always come back when we win the Euro millions, preferably on a superyacht!

The old adage that time flies when you’re having fun seems to be very true indeed. It doesn’t seem two minutes since our first post nearly 7 months ago. Who would have thought back then that we’d have travelled over 11k miles and visiting over 10 countries along the way.

For anyone thinking about a motorhome trip like ours, we recommend you checking out the guys at – As well as being a fantastic resource of practical motorhoming information, they have just released an E-book ‘The Motorhome Touring Handbook’ aimed at would be motorhomers, covering everything from buying the right van to planning a year long trip. Jay and Ju were our inspiration in the first place, having travelled most of Europe themselves and blogging along the way, their tips and suggestions gave us the leg up we needed and have saved us many hours and probably lots of cash along the way. They also inspired us to set off in the first place!

Thankfully, our trip is not over just yet and we’ll keep on updating the blog as we travel along. The Ryder Cup golf might have used most of this months data allowance, but there will be plenty of McDonald’s WiFi spots to take advantage of along the way.

Adios for now amigos xx


  1. Glad you’re both having a lovely trip Sarah and 8 weeks to relax in the sun sounds a fitting end to it all then back to the mayhem of the LRI šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
    Chris is currently on his way back from the Ryder cup which he confirmed was an amazing weekend – his 70th Birthday present. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks xx


  2. Great read as normal Scott, hope you have a great last couple of months, must be scary thinking of coming back to a cold blighty and work šŸ˜¦


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