Cherry on the cake..

I think we finally found what we were looking for from Germany, The black forest!! Not gateaux (that would come later) but stunning scenery, with houses that look like something from a fairytale. First up was a Stellplatz (German version of a free/cheap motorhome stop) in the town of Gausbach. When we first arrived, we saw that all of the places were taken so started to drive away, only for the lady running the site to stop us in our tracks and advise that someone was about to leave. Quite fortuitous timing! It was such a beautiful spot, perched up high in forest.

For our €9 fee we got electricity, WiFi, water and a tourist card which didn’t initially mean that much to us. On delving a bit deeper we learned that the card got us in to the local outdoor pool for €2 each, as well as free public transport for the duration of our stay. With our swimming cossies quickly chucked on, we were down at poolside within about 15 minutes of arriving, where we stayed until dusk. On the way back from the pool we saw some guys rock climbing. You can just about make out the fella at the start of his climb on the left. He was only about 3ft off the floor at this point. All about angles this photography lark 😁

We made use of our free travel cards the following day with a lovely train ride through the ‘Murg valley’ down to Freudenstadt. Although, our sight seeing trip was swopped for a trip to the pharmacy and a train ride back. Not really what we had in mind! I wasn’t feeling very well at all and for the next few days all we managed to do was drive to a couple of different camping spots and rest up. The weather continued to be changeable so at least we didn’t lose too much sunshine.

Back at the start of our trip we made friends with a really nice German chap called Klaus. We had arrived on the same campsite in Valencia and had started talking as we both have Karmann motorhomes. We had always planned to pay a visit to his home town of Freiburg, but thought that our change of routes through Germany would mean that we’d miss him. Thankfully not!

Our friend Klaus came to pick us up soon after we arrived in Freiburg and we spent late morning and early afternoon with him as our tour guide. It was great to see him again and we had a fantastic lunch after visiting some of Frieburg’s sights. He’s kindly given us some suggestions on where to head to next, as well as a number of places to source bits and pieces for the motorhome. He even bought us some black forest gateaux. What a top guy!

With September nearly upon us, we only have just over a week until we see our friends Craig, Ruth and baby Alex in Italy. I better work on getting my stomach sorted between now and then as the last time we met in Portugal we consumed copious amounts of wine, cigars and whiskey.

I might just order that crate of rennies now!


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