Chimps tea-party..

We’ve been back in blighty for just under two weeks now, enjoying this extended period of good weather as we catch up with friends and family. We’ve had a few jobs to complete on Gerty to make sure she’s ready for the next leg of the trip. First off, a shiny new stainless steel exhaust which replaced its rusty, patched up predecessor. I can’t believe our patch job lasted so long to be honest, but I’m glad it did. I’ve been advised that the Exhaust will last longer than the van! So no requirement for Nurse Merrill’s bandaging skills during the next leg of the trip, not on the van anyway. In addition, we’ve also had an oil service. Having clocked up around 8k miles in 5 months, we wanted to look after the old gal.

Whilst Gerty was having her service, we booked ourselves in to give blood. It’s only my second time, and although I’m not keen on needles, it’s a pretty painless experience. You just never know when you’ll need some back! A lady we spoke to told us that her friend had discovered she had cancer from giving blood. With no symptoms, it was only the blood donation screening process which had highlighted a problem, and hopefully saved her own life.

The trip home has given us a chance to reorganise Gerty’s cupboards, getting rid of all of the kit and belongings that we haven’t used during part 1. Items such as the nutribullet, pots and pans, grey waste bottle (even though we have a grey waste tank) blankets, bowls, cutlery. We must have expected more dinner parties! Saying that, Gerty did host a party this week 😁

One of the reasons we are back is to attend our friends wedding. The stag doo was at York races last week which saw me throwing a very random outfit together. With most of our clothes in storage, It felt a bit like I’d forgotten my PE kit at school and was having to dive in to the lost property basket! I got away with it, just, and we had a great day. The stag got off very lightly indeed with no embarrassing outfit or strip o grams in sight. Although, I’m not sure a mankini would have gone down very well in the county stand at York.

We have a few more weeks back until part 2 of the journey. As yet, we don’t have a route planned, just a list of possible destinations. We’d like to get across to Italy, Croatia and Slovenia whilst the sun is still shining and hopefully head across to Malta to see Sarah’s family. At some point we’ll need to book our return ferry back to the UK. Typing this, it feels over before it starts!! We can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.

For now though, we’re enjoying being with our nearest and dearest, and looking forward to the weekend (for the start of the football season) Come on you Blaaades!! Xx

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