Techno on the Tyne..

It was quite a nice feeling to cross the invisible border back in to England. As much as we are having a great time on the road, we’re looking forward to seeing our friends and family for a few weeks. We start part 2 of the trip in the middle of August when we jump on a ferry to the Hook of Holland.

We picked up the A1 and travelled down the Northumberland coastline, stopping off in Bamburgh to have a gander at their impressive Castle. Apparently, the county of Northumberland has the most Castles than anywhere else in the country and this is a good un! Unfortunately, It wasn’t Castle spotting weather, so we made our way down to Amble where we were staying for the night.

The site was on a working farm, with one of the fields set aside for camping. It was pretty basic but had everything we needed. Water, a drain, a level surface and a horse! Mr horse was pretty curious until he realised we didn’t have any food for him. How fickle.

The next day we made our way down to Newcastle where we were meeting up with my mate Graeme. Our knack of turning up in places at the right time struck again, as Graeme and his buddy Steve were playing a live techno set as part of an electronic music festival. Having swopped my raving shoes for a pipe and slippers some years ago, I was really looking forward to a proper night out.

While Graeme set up his equipment at the venue, Sarah and I had a wander around Newcastle City centre, enjoying a few light refreshments and a bite to eat along the way. The centre was rammed with people, spilling out of the bars on to the streets.

We had a brilliant evening, eventually calling it a night around 1.00am. I’m not sure where Sarah got this hat from, but it’s owner confiscated it back by the end of the night. There is always one!

It was great to catch up with Graeme and his family again. We calculated that it was over 5 years since we last met up. They kindly put us up for the night and let us use their washing machine! It was getting to the point where Sarah’s socks were ready to walk themselves to the launderette. 😂

So, we’re now homeward bound for the next 3 weeks. We have quite a few things planned in addition to seeing friends and family, such as; A new exhaust for Gerty, our friends wedding (and the stag doo!) and my mates 40th.

Unless we do something interesting, the blog posts might be a bit thin on the ground for the foreseeable but we’ll be back with gusto mid August for part 2 of our adventure.

Ta ta for now xx

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